How to make over $10,000 a month reselling stuff

Make over $10,000 a month reselling stuff

You can make thousands each month buying and reselling items. This guide shows you what to buy, where to sell it, how to price it and tips to save money when selling.

This is something I have done for years and this was not my first $10,000 month. I stopped reselling when life changed for me, I moved a bit and it became harder. I find it is such an easy way to make extra money though. I spend only a few hours a month on it, it is a side gig not a full-time gig for me, yet if you wanted, you could easily make it your full-time income. 

I have shared my sales and tips on Instagram, now I have put together a guide on How To Make Over $10,000 A Month Reselling things. I cover:

- What to sell
- Where to find items to sell
- How to know the value/how to price items to sell
- Tips and tricks to make photographs (even with your phone!)
- Where to sell and how to sell on each platform I recommend
- What to include in a listing
- Payment options and managing cash flow
- Postage options
- How to reduce fees
- How to do pick ups
- How to promote what you are selling
- Mistakes I have made which you can learn from

It's an easy to read eBook and only $9.95. I have all my tips and tricks in it, plus have a Facebook group now where you can ask me anything! 

Some of the content in this book is specific to Australia, as is the spelling! However, the tips can be implemented anywhere. 

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